May 10, 2009

martha would be proud. (part 1 of 2)

Two posts in one week? Oh my!

This post is all about newness...and since it's about newness, I have loads of new pictures of new things.

Gracie has always loved looking out the window. In Florida it was easy for her--she would sit for hours just looking out the slider door window. Unfortunately, in our Kentucky apartment when you look out the slider window, all you see is a blocked in porch. Then, she started standing on her hind feet with her little front paws on the windowsill looking out the window. She has now started this:

Thing two. My kitchen has been a mess since we moved in. It is a really awkward space. Not much counter space with a very empty corner for a breakfast nook. Now let me just say that we have a dining room that doesn't even have a dining table in it, so there is no way we would have (or have a need for) a breakfast nook table. So here I am, with this too small kitchen with no storage, and a HUGE empty dead space. Then comes newness number 2:

A lovely shelf system.

I have one more new thing, which also happens to be my FAVORITE new thing..but that will have to wait until a later date--I have to check on my roast. Yes. A roast. Martha would be so proud.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


  1. ooo a roast. fancy!

    gracie is tooo funny. that picture is adorable!