May 12, 2014


Well, I never thought I'd be back here! But, here I am! It's been 3 whole years since I've last posted. So much has changed!

I'm inspired to start sharing recipes again because of a new journey I've just started last week. It's called Whole30, have you heard of it? Whole30 is a nutritional reset for your body. It changes the way you think about food and the relationship you have with it. For the duration of the 30 days you don't eat any sugar of any kind, no alcohol in any form (not even cooking), no grains, no legumes, no dairy, no white potatoes, no peanuts, no soy, no corn, and no carrageenan, MSG, or sulfites (it's basically Paleo without the honey or agave.)

The goal is to try to eat as whole as possible, foods with very few ingredients,  to rid your body of all the excess crap. If you cheat or mess up, you're supposed to start your 30 days over. At the end you'll feel energized, have no unhealthy cravings, have a healthy metabolism and a balanced immune system.

Sounds hard, right? It's really not as bad as it sounds. I'm the girl that has dessert every night, constantly eats because I'm bored, and looooooves cheese--the thought of giving all these amazing things up for 30 days was absolutely terrifying. I was certain I was going to fail after day 1, meal 1. Day 8, meal 3 is done and Paul and I are still going strong--and already feeling great. We've noticed a huge change already with the way our clothes fit, and with our relationship with food. We're finding ourselves eating for nutrition now instead of eating out of pure boredom or because we are crrrraaaving that pizza. Or pizzookie, or brownies.  (I'm not going to lie, all those things still sound AMAZING, but I just dont HAVETOHAVETHEMRIGHTTHISSECOND.)

You can follow along with our journey here, as well as on Instagram @rochelleswhole30

I'm excited to share my recipes and tips and meals from this journey, as well as our progress.

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